Why switch back? A freebie is a freebie!


A freebie is a freebie, you can’t go and fight for its problems like you would have normally done for a paid service. The freebie avalanche that Mr. Mukesh Ambani threw was supposed to bring about a digital upheaval. India is the land of poor internet connectivity, with bad call rates and unavailability of networks in the rural area, a considerable portion of the population lives in a derelict in terms of digital device usage, internet connectivity and consequently they’re missing out so much they could make use of. The move, when strategized and implemented, could have done so much for the middle class and the rural people.

And sure it managed to do a lot, apart from establishing an indirect monopoly; it benefited its users a lot and the first few days after the launch was like living a dream. Downloading all the media from Google Drive, while streaming music on Gaana app, was something that would have been impossible on any other operator. But anyways, Jio did it.

Then what’s the Achilles heel?

Once hoards started using Reliance Jio, which is an assumption based on the outcome that Welcome Offer opened to all on September 5, the network turned sluggish. Normal browsing and chatting were smooth or less. The speed became lower than the promised speed but is something you can call decent until it stays near its higher limits. But the bigger problem is fluctuations and inconsistency.

Normal calling became worse. A normal call over Reliance Jio network was something very unpleasant and annoying. The whole conversation had been sounding like more of a morose code speaking. Calling on other operators like Airtel or Vodafone has been next to impossible. Reasons being unknown can be attributed to conspiracy from other operators, or some technical glitches. But the problem continues to remain serious. We don’t know how this is going to play out in the future. Will it get better? Will Jio deliver its services as promised? Or will it get worse, as more and more people join the network?  But until the services go commercial for real some people are going back to their trusted operators keeping a watch on trends.




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A Marketing professional, hobbyist food blogger and a social media influencer. Loves to write and design.

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